Residential FAQ's

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  • We are remodelling our kitchen. The floor is very old. How can we know if it contains asbestos?
  • ANSWER: Call Fiber 1. We will take a sample to a certified, independent laboratory and return the results to you quickly.

  • I am selling my home. The buyer's inspector thinks the attic insulation appears to be vermiculite and I must hire an abatement company to remove it. Is this correct?
  • ANSWER: Wisconsin asbestos rules have been revised effective May, 2009 regarding vermiculite insulation. Call Fiber 1 for complete, current information.

  • Can I remove asbestos in my home myself?
  • ANSWER: We recommend that a licensed abatement contractor removes your asbestos. Contact Fiber 1 for more information.

Fiber 1 Asbestos Consulting and Inspection Services

For complete answers to these questions and more, contact Fiber 1 at 414-555 FIBR (3427).